Aloo puri is mostly preferred at breakfast time, but nobody is stopping you from having it for lunch. 🙂 Here’s a recipe with a slight twist to make the Aloo curry a bit more tangy and tasty than usual.

This Recipe serves 2- 3 people


1) Aloo (3 medium sized Potatoes, peeled and chopped)
2) Pumpkin (one small bowl grated)
3) Tomatoes (2-3 medium size, puree)
4) Roasted Jeera powder
5) Red chilly Powder
6) Salt
7) Garam Masala
8) Turmeric Powder (haldi)
9 ) Dhaniya Powder
10) Mustard oil (For curry)

Aloo Curry:
1) Heat mustard oil in a pan.
2) Add grated pumpkin to it. (Roast till it changes its color.)
3) Add tomato puree, salt, red chilly, turmeric and dhaniya powder to it as per taste. Let this mixture heat up properly and roast till oil is visible on the sides.
4) Now add water and chopped potatoes.
5) Boil in a pressure cooker upto 2-3 whistles. Open it when the pressure is completely released.
6) Add roasted Jeera powder and garam masala.
7) Tangy aloo is ready to be served with Puri .

1) Take about 1 bowl of wheat floor and 1/2 bowl of semolina.
2) Add about 1 teaspoon oil and salt according to taste.
3) Knead into a dough and leave it for 10-15 mins.
4) Now with small balls of dough, make puri and fry in oil of your choice.

Serve hot with aloo curry and enjoy the mouth watering breakfast.




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